Shipping methods

  • All electric vehicles are transported only through a transport company chosen and charged by the customer (after consultation). The transport is carried out from an agency based in Athens and the delivery to the place of the transport company is free of charge.

  • Products are shipped in the following ways

    1. With direct collection by the customer from our company offices (65 Veikou, Koukaki, Athens, 11741).
    2. Delivery by courier company to the customer's address
    3. By transport company (at the customer's choice and charge). The transfer is carried out from an agency based in Athens.

    The delivery time of the products ranges from 1-3 working days, depending on the policy of the transport company chosen by the customer.

    BY CONTRACTUAL TRANSPORT COMPANY: For heavy or bulky products (from 25 kg and above) where a conventional transport company is required for their transport-dispatch, shipping costs are fully borne by the Buyer .