Battery use, maintenance and storage

Keep the save
- to maintain battery capacity, it is recommended to store in -20°C~35°C, with low humidity.
- Batteries should be avoided in high temperature or high humidity storage, otherwise it will lead to battery leakage, rust and the capacity will be lower.
- Long-term storage will lead to a decrease in battery and battery capacity, and the maximum discharge capacity can be reached after 1-3 charge/discharge cycle is required.
- Even when it is not used for a long time, it should be charged once every fifteen days
- do not allow reverse charging, the battery must be according to the polarity of the correct connection, do not reverse.
- do not allow short circuit, otherwise permanent damage will occur.
- the battery cannot be used in extreme conditions, such as: extreme temperature, excessive overcharge and excessive discharge.
- store batteries in a cool, dry place.
- If the battery is noisy, has high temperature, leakage and other abnormal conditions, please stop using it.
- do not put in fire or try to disassemble, the battery may burn or produce harmful substances.
- Do not allow the old battery or half battery to be used at the same time as a new battery, otherwise it will cause discharge.
- do not cut the shell and remove the tube of the battery cover.
- Do not let the battery get into water.
- the battery must be fully charged before use.
- use the appropriate charger to charge it.
- the battery should be avoided in the use of sealing, it should provide the corresponding ventilation device, otherwise the battery may generate hydrogen, in case of ignition point it will cause an explosion.
- do not try to separate the battery or withstand extrusion and collision, it may lead to battery overheating.

The product cannot have any signs of moisture, shock or vibration (Solid wheels void the warranty).
- It can't have been opened.
-Must have been used with the characteristics for which it was prepared.

When the battery is not in use, it must be removed from the equipment.
- Do not touch the battery when it is hot, until it cools down.
- when the battery is used, the device must be turned off when the power is used to avoid excessive discharge.
- after using the battery, if the battery is hot, it can be placed in a place where the air is not directly in the ventilation position and there is no direct sunlight.