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    • SUNRA's HAWK is a latest generation scooter with a 1800W Brushless motor, with 68.2 Nm torque for the 25 km/h version and 43.8 Nm for the 45 km/h version. Its silent engine offers extremely low consumption (40% less compared to other engines), zero wear and tear on its materials, without any friction, resulting in much greater durability in the future.
    • The Hawk is equipped with a powerful front LED light body that provides a wide viewing angle, thus allowing it to be driven at night without a problem. Its rich equipment includes a digital instrument panel and a USB port for charging electrical devices.
    • The digital LCD display allows you to know the battery charge level, speed, time as well as kilometers traveled.
    • The Hawk version has a removable 72V20Ah lithium battery. The high quality of the battery provides autonomy for a passenger weighing 70 kg up to 78 km in the version with a top speed of 45 km/h and 67 km in the version with a top speed of 25 km/h. There is the possibility of installing a second, also removable battery for twice the autonomy. Charging does not exceed 4 hours and facilitates the rider's daily life.
    • It is powered by a management system (BMS: Battery Management System) which provides real-time control of battery current, voltage and temperature.
    • It has a multimedia system with Bluetooth and FM radio with two built-in speakers for playing music, allowing unparalleled driving satisfaction.
    • It is equipped with front-rear disc brakes, hydraulic front and rear suspension with a comfortable 2-person saddle and a stylishly designed passenger backrest handle to enhance safety in style.
    • The Field-Oriented Control (FOC) power distributor controls the communication between the battery and the motor for optimal performance.
    • The EBS electric propulsion system has the possibility of reverse operation by generating energy when decelerating on a downhill road or when braking. This energy is channeled into the batteries resulting in a significant increase in the efficiency of the drive system.
    • Factory equipment includes a USB charging port and an alarm, while a rack and suitcase can be added as options.
    • Meets the international waterproofing specification of 300mm.


    • Dimensions: 1900*730*1110 mm
    • Wheelbase: 1380 mm
    • Wheels: 110/70-12 rear 120/70-12 tubeless
    • Top speed: 45km/h / 25 km/h
    • Maximum Autonomy: 78 km / 67 km/h
    • Front brake: Disc brake
    • Rear brake: Disc brake
    • Motor: Sunra brushless motor
    • Engine power: 1800W with a torque of 43.8 Nm / 68 Nm
    • Power distributor: Field-Oriented Control (FOC)
    • Energy Recovery System: EBS (Energy Recovering System)
    • Counter: LCD digital display
    • Battery: 72V20Ah lithium (removable)
    • Consumption: 0.025 kWh/km / 0.028 kWh/km
    • Charging time: 4 hours
    • Possibility of placing a second battery for twice the autonomy
    • Meets the international waterproofing specification of 300mm


    • Cruise control 3 speeds
    • Three gear options Economy, Normal, Sport
    • Engine start button
    • USB port
    • Factory alarm
    • 2-speaker audio system with radio and Bluetooth connection
    • Hydraulic front and rear suspension
    • Storage space in the apron
    • Passenger back
    • Loading hook
    • Hidden charging port
    • Double and Side Stand
    • Powerful LED lighting
    Optional equipment
    • Rack
    • Suitcase
    Factory warranty 2 Years or 20,000 kilometers

    HAWK PRICE (25km/h)


    HAWK PRICE (45km/h)

    · In the retail price, the cost of transportation outside Athens and the cost of issuing the first license have not been calculated.

     It is subsidized with 30% from the Kinoumai Electrika program

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