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· New, luxurious and fun. The Rainbow is a versatile scooter of small dimensions, which at the same time manages to be comfortable, while also having enough space for transporting items. Technology makes life better. Our goal is to make commuting easier. The Rainbow electric scooter exceeds the targets.

· Bright with trendy colors, Rainbow gives you the freedom to choose the scooter that suits your own style.

Available in four colors:

45 km/h maximum speed version: white, red, yellow and blue.

25 km/h maximum speed version: black, white, red and light blue.

· Light and flexible (weight only 49 kg) it is equipped with a smart LCD control panel that allows you to know the battery charge level, speed, time as well as kilometers traveled. All this makes the Rainbow ideally easy to handle, for your daily urban commuting.

· It has successfully passed the 300,000 vibration test with a load of 200 kg, an example of the vehicle's exceptional durability in harsh conditions.

· The removable 60V20Ah 9kg battery allows you to charge your Rainbow at home, work or wherever you are. It is equipped with a 4A charger so that the charging time is reduced to 4-5 hours.

Powered by a management system (BMS: Battery Management System) which provides real-time control of battery current, voltage and temperature.

· The 1000W brushless electric motor has 3 driving programs to achieve optimal economy and develops a top speed of up to 45 km/h or 25 km/h.

· It is equipped with hydraulic front and rear suspension, front disc brake and factory case in the color of the scooter.

· The Field-Oriented Control (FOC) power distributor controls the communication between the battery and the motor for optimal performance.

· The EBS electric propulsion system has the ability to function in reverse by generating energy when decelerating on a downhill road or when braking. This energy is channeled into the batteries resulting in a significant increase in the efficiency of the drive system.

· Factory equipment includes USB charging port and alarm.


· Dimensions: 1670*730*1070 mm

· Wheelbase: 1170 mm

· Top speed: 45 km/h / 25 km/h

· Maximum Autonomy: 61 km / 87 km/h

· Wheels: 65/95-12 tubeless

· Front brake: Disc brake

· Rear brake: Drum

· Motor: Sunra brushless motor

· Motor power: 1000W

· Power distributor: Field-Oriented Control (FOC)

Energy recovery system: EBS (Energy Recovering System)

· Counter: LCD digital display

· Battery: 60V20Ah lithium (removable)

· Consumption: 0.032 kWh / Km

· Charging time: 4 hours

· Meets the international waterproofing specification of 300mm


· 3-speed cruise control

· Three gear options Economy, Normal, Sport

· Engine start button

· USB port

· Factory alarm

· Factory luggage rack

· Storage space in the apron

· Hidden charging port

· Hydraulic front and rear suspension

· Double and Side Stand

· Powerful LED lighting

Factory warranty 2 Years or 20,000 kilometers


Rainbow with a maximum speed of 25km/h no driver's license required for riders
over 15 years old.

Rainbow with a maximum speed of 45km/h is ridden with a 50cc motorbike license or with a category B car license aged 6 years and over and owner-driver age 27 years and over.

It is subsidized with 30% from the Kinoumai Electrika program

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