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48V 18Ah / Hailong lithium battery with charger

48V 18Ah / Hailong lithium battery with charger

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SKU: 6366808

Battery Type: Hailong Plus Type

Use: Electric Bicycles

Volts: 48V

BMS: Built-in

AH: 18Ah

Composition Type: 13Series 4Paralles 13S4P Cells: Powerful cells 21700 3.7V 4500mAh

BMS: 40Amp continuous 100±10Amp max

Adapt Motor Power: 48V 250W-1500W Charging Current: 2-5A

Charge cut-off voltage: 54.6V

Discharge interruption voltage: 39V

Discharge temperature: -20 to 65°C

Charging temperature: 0 to 45°C

Dimensions: 90*127*367mm

Battery weight: 4.77 kg

Cycle life: ≥80% capacity after 800 cycles.

Charger included

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